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Landscape Consult Site Visitation Program
Developing and managing the landscape that surrounds your residence or business can be a daunting task. You originally envisioned your plot as a colorful haven shared with family and friends, or as a welcoming enticement for business clients. But now it has enslaved and disappointed you…

One incorrectly planted shrub can create years of unnecessary and costly maintenance issues; ten minutes of poor pruning practices can result in the decline of the landscape you have nurtured for years; the exorbitant investment in a patio was to no avail because of incorrect placement or size. Your intentions are there, but you’re not reaping the rewards of your precious time and investment.

Eden Design is committed to preventing these issues. We are passionate about restoring enjoyment and beauty to your ever evolving environment. It is because of this that we proudly offer our “EdenAid” Landscape Consult Site Visitation Program.

“EdenAid” is a personalized landscape consult service program guided by educational on-site visits with you and our award winning landscape professional. You tailor the visits to your needs, from one yearly hour session to resolve hot topics within your landscape, to seasonal or monthly proactive visits. We provide the unparalleled knowledge we have obtained from over 12 years within the landscape industry.

“EdenAid” Two Step Process
1. After a lengthy property walk through and discussion, our landscape professional addresses your needs at the site with expert advice and tips relating to:

Tree, Shrub, Perennial, and Annual Care
Pruning and Planting Techniques
Fertilization Methods
Plant Material Suggestions
Lawn Care (mowing and fertilization)
Artistic ways to boost curb appeal
Prioritization of landscape budget
Winterization of the landscape
Annual Rotation Options
Increasing aesthetics
Troubleshooting problematic areas
Eliminating high maintenance issues
Product suggestion to reduce costs/maximize results
Decline prevention
Hardscaping (paver, wall, fence) options
Construction techniques
Invaluable Design Concepts; functional use of space
Traffic flow and drainage issues
Local and national resources and contractors

2. Receipt of a detailed written Visit Summary Report by Eden Design with solutions for your future reference.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, a weekend warrior, an avid gardener, or have a contracted landscape maintenance provider, “EdenAid” Landscape Consult Visits are crucial to optimizing your land investment. Our blend of creative flare, personalized service, and years of field and design experience is guaranteed to assist even the most educated of property owners.

An “EdenAid” visit is the most proactive and cost effective method of managing your property to its full potential!

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“EdenAid” Gift Certificates available for that unique gift!

Extensive landscape design, consult, and project management services also available.

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